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Strengthen your company’s performance

Many successful companies now benefit from motivating their company team. Now more than ever it is important to create an achievement culture. Corporate incentive vacations with a team-building element can help jell your individuals into a team with the right attitude.
Group sizes of 2 to 10,000.



Motivating your people to strive for better company results can create a happier, more secure and attentive work force with direction and a common goal.


Marketing Strategy

Marketing and Sales Promotions through incentive programs



Give your sales team and distributors incentive targets linked to our recommended vacation. Quote from one of our customers on his incentive results:
We have had:-
Record daily sales
Record monthly sales
And now record year’s sales!
Increase your sales, profits and market share


Team building

Bond and strengthen the unity of your management. We will construct a programme with you to use the environment of a safari to bring individuals together.


When your team’s efforts improve your balance sheet it is important to give a just reward. This will help you keep your good people motivated and also minimizes staff turn over and the subsequent expenditure on training new staff.


Company identity

Kenya is an ideal place to take people for launching new company ideas or corporate strategies.


Multi-national companies

Multi-national companies need to bring together their top people; Directors, Managers innovators or sales people benefit from this close interaction.

Kenya is unique place at the center of the world and is ideally placed for

Team building
Team bonding safaris
Sporting tournaments
Incentive vacations
Reward vacations
Company conferences
Competition vacations

Increase performance and produce an achievement culture in your workforce!

Nairobi Conference Centre


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